PaintCab inflatable paint workstations are designed for the automotive and industry sector, but they are also suitable for painting other details, such as furniture etc. They are designed to make body repairs in an environment similar to traditional workstations and whatever the weather constraints, it especially protects the environment against damage related to the paint and solvent emissions. 

The inflatable paint workstation has proven its worth and shown it is the best alternative compared to too many expensive traditional workstations, energy-intensive and requiring carrying out installation work.
Beyond the significant economic aspect, it offers many advantages such as mobility, space saving, low power consumption, ease of installation and storage with professional quality work at an affordable rate.
It gives you luxury of setting up it at any location and in any weather condition. They do not require any kind of special knowledge for setting up and install, they can be easily pack up and go wherever you want. Anyone can use these inflatable booths. Thanks to the mobility, it is now possible to make smaller bodywork even at the customer's home.
Some Inflatable booths also have translucent roofs so that light can be flow inside and also inhibit heat accumulation inside. These booths are very environment-friendly and saving solution of the space that everyone needs.

How it works?

The paint mist is evacuated by means of a motor placed at the rear of the cabin, which sends a large flow of air passing through the pre-filters and allows directing the paint mists, varnishes... to the filtering walls at the front of the cabin which are fitted with an activated carbon filter.

The inflatable paint booth is equipped with traditional cabin active carbon filters to filter the incoming air and protect the exterior of the paint emissions.

The cabin can withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees so that you can incorporate heating systems.

The transparent parts of the cabin make it possible to enjoy the outside light; there are also rings that are distributed inside to hang a light.

PaintCab types:
Paint workstations are available in two types of materials - nylon and pvc.

Oxford Nylon 80% waterproof, material thickness 0.20 mm. Not suitable for using in rain, because this material will get wet after a certain amount of time. More suitable for indoor use.
PVC 100% waterproof, material thickness 0.35 mm, weatherproof, suitable for both indoor- and outdoor use.

Inflatable paint booths are also categorized by construction: with continuous air supply and airtight constructions.

PaintCab with continuous air supply - as the name says, it needs continuous air supply for holding the workstation up.
Airtight constructions - just need to inflate the poles and after that they do not require blowers.

PaintCab sizes

 a* b*c*
6m 2.75m3.20m
 2.75m 3,70m 7.5m
XL 3.5m
 3.25m 3.70m 9.5m
* internal dimensions
It is possible to order PaintCabs in special sizes.
The name or logo of your company can be added on the booth.
Delivery time is 3-4 weeks after making the order.

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